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4 Steps to get Bright Referral working for YOU.

It's easy to say yes to Bright Referral - to more referrals, to more transparency, to more control, and to practice growth.

But when starting with Bright Referral, it's more than just you who has to say yes. You need your referring offices on board. Otherwise you'll be looking at a screen like this:

Here is the top 4 ways to get them to say YES.

  1. Schedule a lunch and learn or other high-touch event with the entire referring office. This time is great for explaining Bright Referral, handing out Bright Cards and getting everyone at the office practicing and comfortable with referring. This time gives them a chance to ask/answer questions and talk through how Bright Cards will fit within their workflow. And by having everyone on board, they can all prioritize it together.

  2. Include their email in their Referral Source Profile By including their email in the Referral Source profile, we can send them occasional emails to let them know about feature updates that improve their side of the referral and encourage continued use.

  3. Share this onboarding website with them for any and all questions This Onboarding page is specifically designed for referring offices. Included in the site is a link for webinar training, PDFs, videos, etc to help answer any question they have.

  4. Follow-up with the office weekly We have provided these email/phone scripts to help follow-up and encourage your referring offices to use Bright Referral. In addition to talking about Bright Referral, this is a great opportunity to build upon your relationship so the referral is less transactional and more of a partnership. That will go a long way in increasing the quantity and quality of your referrals.

You can also always check out our support page for more details and idea for how to keep your Bright Cards in use. But rest assured, with these 4 steps, everyone will be saying YES to Bright Referral.

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