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More Contact Info, Please!

Let's set the scene. You are using Bright Referral, your referral sources are active and sending patients your way, but you are finding yourself continuously following up with the referring practice for patient contact info. What gives?

You want contact info and you want it now!

Let's get it for you. It's all a matter of additional training. Every time you receive a referral without contact information, you can take the following steps:

1. Call to say thank you.

2. Remind the office to encourage patients to share their info because it helps the patient.

  • Patients get scheduled and treatment faster when they share their contact info.

  • Patients do less work when they share their contact info - they just wait for the doc to call.

3. Ask them to share the contact info with you directly OR reach out to the patient again to make sure they have the referral info.

Here are a few scripts you can provide to your referring offices to help them guide the patient.

Scripts for Referring Offices
Download PDF • 452KB

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