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No contracts. 
No hidden fees. 
Priced to say "YES".

There are two types of costs for Bright Referral


A one time $200 
start-up fee, plus the cost for Bright Cards


(10 card minimum)


Sticker Bright Card.jpg

Black plastic

Customization with permanent sticker

Ships in 1 week


(75 card minimum)


Laser Bright Card.jpg

Black plastic

Customization with laser printing

Ships in 4 weeks


(75 card minimum)



Black metal

Customization with laser engraving

Ships in 4 weeks



A recurring cost for each referral source



per referral source

  • Same cost no matter how many cards or referrals

  • Custom patient experience

  • 24/7 real-time data

  • Data analysis for easy learning and growth

  • Cancel anytime

What do we mean by "No Contract"? 
We mean it's a win for you. 

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