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The smarter, faster, easier way to refer patients. 

Has someone asked you to start referring patients with Bright Cards?

You've come to the right place. 

Bright Referral is about making the referral process better for everyone.

For YOU. 

For your PATIENTS. 

For SPECIALISTS receiving the referral.

No more pads of paper. 

No more scrawled notes. 

No more missing referrals.

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Check out these resources to help your practice get the best from Bright Referral

Follow this link to join our training webinar. You will see how easy Bright Cards are to use and learn all of the tips and tricks. Plus, if you have any specific questions we can answer those for you live. 

Watch this video to learn about your Bright Cards and all the fun ways they will make referring patients faster, easier and more fun. You can also watch this video to hear about how Bright Referral can slip right in to your existing referral process. 

Reading more your style? Flip through this PDF to learn how to use your Bright Cards. All of the details, at your own pace. 

If you just want the basics, glance over this one-sheeter for a quick guide on how to refer with Bright Referral. 

Let the referral conversation flow with these scripts. These help you introduce it to patients, making it easy and seamless. 

Your questions, answered. 

  • Why is Bright Referral better than the current referral system?
    Because there is not a referral system! It's just hoping that patients follow-through. Instead of wasting money on referral pads that a doctor may or may not use, use Bright Referral to digitize and simplify the process for everyone. The doctor has their patient tap their phone to the Bright Card. The patient sees everything they need about the referring doctor. The patient can schedule, save information, ask the new doctor to follow-up, and more, all right on their phone. The doctor referring can request the new doc follow-up for patient notes. The doctor receiving the referral sees all of this happening in real time and can plan and prep for this new patient. It is seamless, simple, and trackable. Doctors have been using the same referral "system" for 100s of years. For the first time, Bright Referral allows doctors to take control of such an important aspect of their practice in a way that benefits everybody.
  • Why is this valuable to doctors who GET referrals?
    Because it allows you to take control of that key part of building your business. You can see, quantifiably, who is referring to you, when, how frequently, and even how solid those referrals actually are. You can actively grow referrals by using the data to better train referring doctors, adjust your messaging as needed for patients, and find trends to capitalize on. Instead of assuming a doctor can find your referral pad and hoping the patient follows-up, Bright Referrals puts the power back in your hands - while still benefiting the referring doctor and the patient. Everyone wins. Check out how you can use the data to grow business.
  • Why is this valuable to doctors who GIVE referrals?
    Because it improves their practice and patient care. And it's so easy. Gone are the days of scribbling a name on a piece of paper and hoping the patient can go through all of the steps to find the care they need. With one tap on a Bright Card, they can give patients the information they need and trust the doctor on the other side has what they need to close the loop. They get to impress their patients with their innovation know-how and provide better care. Plus, they can use Bright Referral's data to learn about their own practice and patterns and improve the experience for all. Watch this video to see how simple it really is.
  • Why is this valuable to patients?
    Because it makes it easy to follow-up with the referred doctor. Because their referrals come on their own terms and in their own time. Because they get to learn about the referred doctor before making an appointment. Watch this video to see exactly what the patient experience looks like.
  • Do you have a PDF with all of the details that I can share with my team?
    Sure do! Here you go.
  • How does Bright Referral actually work (technically speaking)?
    Bright Referral uses NFC technology. Our platform helps you create mini websites (or Referral Source Profiles) that are perfect for potential patients. Our custom Bright cards have embedded NFC chips. Our app connects the NFC chips within the Bright Cards to the appropriate Referral Source Profiles. Then, when a patient taps their phone to the card, they are brought to the mini website and all of the data of their actions is shared with you. You can see when the referral was made, what they did within the profile website, if they shared their information, and more.
  • How does Bright Referral work? What is the experience like?
    Once your get your account all set-up, this is how things work: Referring doctors keep the Bright Cards in their office. When referring doctors want to refer a patient, they have the patient tap their phone to the Bright Card. Patients then see the Referral Source Profile you created and take the actions that work for them (ask for a follow-up, share their contact information, etc). You see the referral the moment it happens and can follow-up as needed. The experience is all about ease. Check out these videos: The patient experience: The referring office experience: Setting up your account: Using the data:
  • What's all of this about data?!?
    Data can seem scary. But in our case, data just means information about your referral sources and your potential patients. Watch this video to learn how to understand and use your data. Here is a quick description of how the data is gathered. The Referral Source Profiles you create, plus the Bright Cards that you give to your referring doctors allow us to see and learn a lot: When a referral is made (in real time) and from which office What that potential patient did within the mini website Potential patient contact information if they choose to share it Follow-up needs with the doctor for patient notes And so much more All of that data is nice. What is better is what the data allows you to do, as a doctor receiving the referrals. You can: See who your best referral sources are Figure out what they do that works Train your weaker referral sources Adapt your message based on patient actions on your site Get patients in the door faster And so much more Doctors have been using the same referral "system" for 100s of years. For the first time, Bright Referral allows doctors to take control of such an important aspect of their practice.
  • Do I need to be technically savvy?
    NO!!!! Our top priority is making this as easy to use as possible. We tested it on 8 year olds and 80 year olds (seriously) and are always working to make things as simple to do as possible. If you can read, click a mouse, and open your phone, you got this.
  • What is a Referral Source Profile and how do I set it up?
    A Referral Source Profile is essentially mini-website that you will create for each of your referring offices. This is the site that your potential patients will visit when they get the referral. Don't worry, it is very simple to set-up and takes about 1 minute. Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial. (See 3:10)
  • How do I get customized Bright Cards?
    You can purchase customized Bright Cards any time, once you create an account. To customize, you just need to provide a black and white logo. Remember, Bright Cards are not given to patients to take home. The referring doctors keep these cards in their office and have patients they are referring tap their phone to the card. Then, the patient will be brought to the Referral Source Profile that you created for that office.
  • Do I need to download an app?
    You will need to download a very simple app to connect your Bright cards to the Referral Source Profiles that you create (this takes just a moment to do). BUT, your referring doctors and potential patients won't need to download anything.
  • Does the patient or referring doctor need to download an app?
    Nope! Bright Referral works with the software already installed on nearly all smart phones.
  • I'm ready to get started. What now?
    The set-up process is designed to take minutes. Just follow these steps: Open an account Fill out your Practice Profile and Locations Order custom Bright Cards Create your Referral Source Profiles (one for each of your referring offices) Connect the Bright Cards to the appropriate Referral Source Profile using our app Give the Bright Cards to your referral sources and tell them how to use them Check your account Activity for real-time data and referrals Read this demo PDF to learn more about the details. Or watch this video for a step-by-step guide to setting up your account.
  • How much does this cost?
    There are two types of costs for Bright Referral. 1. Cost for Referring Doctor Profiles These are the unique profiles you create for each referring doctor so you can track the patients and data coming from that office. These cost $12/month. This includes all the data (rolling in 24/7) and as many updates as you'd like to make. 2. Cost for the custom Bright Cards. These are your custom cards that you sync to the referring doctor profiles and share with your referring doctors. They take the place of your referral pads. These cost $4-$12/card plus tax and shipping.
  • Does Bright require a subscription fee?
    Nope! No subscription fee. You only pay for what you need. That means Bright cards and a profile for each referring office. The Bright cards are a one time fee and profiles are paid for each month. You can cancel or delete profiles at any time.
  • Can I add profiles later?
    Of course! You can add (or remove) profiles at any time.
  • What can I do with the data that I get?
    Learn, improve, and grow your business! The possibilities are endless. Off the cuff, we're thinking: Train your referring doctors on how to refer patients that are ready/right for treatment. Focus on the referring doctors that give you the most business. Take patient acquisition into your own hands Learn where patients are coming from and focus there. And more, and more, and more. Watch this video for more details and ideas for growing your business with our data.

Just a TAP. 

Referring a patient with Bright Referral is as simple as tapping the card to a patient's phone. 

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