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Refer from the PATIENT'S phone, not an office device

Updated: Apr 12

One of the things that makes Bright Referral better than other referring systems, is that it is easy for everyone involved:

  • The doctor just taps a card.

  • The patient gets all of the information they want, with none of the work.

  • The specialist gets the transparency and control to get the patient walking into their practice.

In order for that simple structure to work, it requires that doctors refer to each patient. What do we mean by that?

We mean tap the Bright card to the patient's phone, NOT an office device.


There are 2 reasons:

  1. This allows the data to stay "clean" and specialists have a record of every single referral made. If a referring office refers patients through an office phone or iPad over and over again, the data will keep over-writing itself, leading to missed referrals and confusion.

  2. This gives the patients the information about the referral so they feel more in control of their medical care and are more likely to follow-through with the care recommended for them.


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