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*NEW* Feature: Keyword Tagging for custom data analysis

Updated: Feb 6

We are the first to admit that "data" sounds scary. So when you hear something like "introducing keyword tagging", you might want to run and hide.

But in reality, this feature update is meant to make the data easier to understand and easier to make valuable to you. Here are some examples. With keyword tagging, you can see referral success based on more than just referring office. You can understand:

  • neighborhood differences

  • type of doctor differences

  • measure ROI for special events

  • success rate of how you roll-out Bright Referral

The list can go on forever because YOU get to decide the keywords. YOU get to decide what is important to track and learn. YOU can make your data as valuable as you want it.

So how do you set it up? In 2 simple steps:

1 - add any keyword you'd like to each referral source

2 - filter the data based on these keywords


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