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*NEW* Integration: Lead Sigma!

Updated: Feb 6

If you’ve read any medical trade articles in the last few months (or years) you know what is at the top of the industry’s mind. Digitization and Data. Don’t get us wrong, we are all for it. After all, digitization and data is at the very center of Bright Referral.

However, where the conversation tends to drop off in the media is how to actually use that digitization and data to your advantage - beyond just saving time and resources.

And that is exactly where our integration with Lead Sigma picks up. By integrating Bright Referral data with the Lead Sigma system, all of a sudden, the data becomes much more powerful.

Users can gain insight into the types of patients being referred, which are most likely to begin treatment, which are most valuable, how they prefer to be followed-up with, and so much more. This lets doctors make business decisions based on fact, rather than conjecture, that push them toward the practice they want to become.

In today’s world, it is pretty easy to digitize, generate data and then leave it all on the table. With Bright Referral and Lead Sigma together, that data works for you - helping make decisions based on real objectives and growth and not just a hunch.

Plus, integration takes mere seconds. Follow this link to see our integration page and get it going.

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