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NFC, NFT... it's not tomato, tomahto.

To our moms, Bright Referral is magic. But really it's just technology that is so seamless, it feels like magic.

What is NFC?

Inside every Bright card is a unique NFC chip. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication. That is a fancy way of saying that the chip can talk to wi-fi connected devices. Have you ever used Apple Pay? That's NFC. Or paid for something by tapping your credit card instead of swiping? That's NFC, too. Every smart phone on the planet manufactured since 2017 has the ability to connect using NFC.

How does Bright Referral use NFC?

In our case, each NFC chip, inside each Bright card, connects a patient's phone to the referred doctor's profile. It's that simple. Create a profile, order a card, connect the card to the profile.

What happens if there is a problem with the NFC chip?

Instances like that are super rare. But, in the event that this does occur, every Bright card has a back-up QR code that will send patients to the same profile location.

What does NFT have to do with this?

Nothing! We are no experts there. Try these guys.

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