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Onboarding Series: Part 1

Updated: Feb 12

In this series we'll explore all the different ways our users get going with Bright Referral. In this part, we focus on a step-by-step guide that any practice-type can follow.

Once you have your Bright Cards and your Referral Source profiles are ready to go, follow these steps to get your general practitioners and other referral sources started.

  1. SCHEDULE LUNCH & LEARNS: Use the email and phone call scripts below to reach out to your referral sources and schedule a 20 minute lunch and learn or other in-person event with the entire staff of each office.

  2. TELL THEM ABOUT BRIGHT REFERRAL: During the lunch and learn, tell everyone in the office about all of the amazing things that you guys offer that make you an excellent office to refer patients to. One of those amazing things is Bright Referral because it is easier for them to refer and better for the patient. Here is a presentation deck you can use if you'd like.

  3. LET THEM PRACTICE REFERRING: During the lunch and learn, make sure to save time for everyone to practice referring themselves and each other with their Bright Cards. This makes everyone feel comfortable and greatly increases the frequency of referring. Be sure to leave them with enough cards to put one in every treatment chair/hygiene room, one for the doctor, and a couple at the front desk.

  4. GIVE THEM ACCESS TO SUPPORT: Before leaving your lunch and learns, make sure you show them this website that is meant specifically for general practitioners. Included on the site are reminders about how to use Bright Cards, FAQ, and more.

  5. KEEP IN TOUCH: Follow-up with your referring offices often. Thank them for their referrals and make sure they are comfortably and consistently using their Bright cards, Consider using the above scripts if you need any email/phone call support.

  6. STAY ACTIVE: Remember to check your Bright Referral Activity page regularly so you can monitor the healthy of your referral sources, and continue growing your business.

Still need more? Take a look through these documents, videos and more to help train your referral sources. If you don't find what you are looking for, please reach out ( and we can work together to help.

email and phone scripts
Download PDF • 148KB

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