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Bright Referral wins the AAO 2024 Innovator Award!

Big news! Bright Referral won the 2024 AAO Ortho Innovator Award!  A huge thank you to our users and partners for your support. 

Our founders, Dr. Geoff Sudit and Liz Sudit, are honored and proud to receive the award which recognizes originality, functionality, feasibility and value for orthodontic practices.  Check out the full article here. 


Bright Referral is revolutionizing how orthodontics and other specialty doctors receive referrals. Whether you’re a specialist, patient or referring office, we’ve got you covered.


“Our team is thrilled to receive the 2024 AAO Ortho Innovator award,” said Dr. Sudit.  “We are loving how effectively our product improves referral tracking and guides prospective patients to orthodontic practices.”


The NFC-enabled cards make it easy for patients to share their info, and GP’s can even shoot over notes to specialists with a HIPAA-compliant voice memo feature!  Even if patients don’t submit their contact info, the system alerts orthodontists to every attempted referral. Dr. Sudit shares, “We know when, where and by whom referrals happen. It’s a game changer!”


Our mission is transparency, ease and control in referrals.  Dentists get a slick way to refer, patients get info on their terms, and orthodontists will never miss a referral again.


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