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*NEW* Feature Alert: Practice-Specific Users

Updated: Apr 11

For all of you advanced users, this one is for you. Now you can add a "Practice-Specific" user to your account. That means your referring offices can be given access to just the data from their office.

Why is this helpful? Because now referring offices can

  • See if their patients actually start treatment

  • Understand their referring trends

  • Share contact information for patients that forget to share

  • Share treatment notes for patients they refer.

How do you give them access?

Just add them as a Practice Specific user and get going.

1. Go to USERS within your Bright Referral account.

2. Add in their name and email address

3. Select PRACTICE SPECIFIC USER as the user type

4. Select the practice name you want to give them access to

5. Send the invite

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