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*NEW* Feature: Referral Tracking is now even easier

Updated: Feb 6

Like all good feature updates, this one comes directly from user feedback. We have upgraded our software to be even better at tracking your referral follow. It's live now and ready for use.

There are now 3 categories of referral within Bright Referral - New, In Progress and Closed.

New referrals are brand new. You haven't done anything with these. These referrals can be seen by clicking the link near your Big Number to-do list or by filtering for "New Referrals" in your table of activity.

Big number to do list tracks and links to New Referrals

In Progress referrals have had some action taken or some type of follow-up done. But, for whatever reason, the patient hasn't scheduled an appointment yet. These referrals can be seen by filtering for "In Progress Referrals" in the activity table. Please note that we are also in the works of adding further tracking to In Progress referrals so you can easily make note of how many follow-up attempts have been made. Those updates will be coming in the near future.

Closed referrals have either scheduled a first appointment and are now tracked within your PMS or are uninterested in treatment. These referrals can be seen by filtering for "Closed Referrals" in the activity table.

This update makes it MUCH easier to keep track of referrals and where each referral is in the process. We can't wait for you all to try it out and share your thoughts.

As always, Bright Referral's best feature updates come directly from user feedback. Don't hesitate to share.

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