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Onboarding Series: Part 3

Looking for more tips and ideas to help onboard your referring offices with lunch and learns? Look no further! Here are 5 more ideas that are tried and true ways to ensure success.

  1. Ask the office about their existing referral process before telling them about Bright Referral. That way you can understand what they are used to and set-up Bright Referral as a solution to a particular pain point. For example... 

  • They always need to walk back to the doc's office to find the right referral pad  - Not any more! They can keep a Bright card in every workstation and save so much time. 

  • Or, they waste time filling out patient notes when most of the time it isn't actually used or shared - Not any more! They can send a referral with just a tap.

  • Or they take a picture of the referral slip, upload it to a computer and then download into their PMS - Not anymore! That isn't HIPAA compliant and wastes so much time. Now they can get an automated email record of each referral or become a practice-specific user within your Bright Referral account and track all of their referrals easily. 

  1. Start your lunch and learns talking about why you are a great practice in general. Remind them what makes you great. Then, introduce Bright Referral as another reason you are great - because you are making it faster and easier for them to refer, improving their patients' experience, and helping patients get treatment faster. These benefits make Bright Referral a solution and win for them, rather than just something new that benefits only you. 

  2. Give your Referring Offices the language to talk about Bright Referral. It is super easy to refer with Bright Referral, but sometimes it's hard for GPs to figure out how to introduce it with patients. We have created some sample scripts to help with this. Model some of these during your lunch and learns so the staff/team can get used to the language and are not nervous or intimidated. 

  3. The more people in the office you can talk to and train, the better! This is one of the key differences with referring with Bright Referral rather than paper. With paper, it is really just the doc that refers. With Bright Referral, anyone in the office can refer and can do so quickly and easily. So, the more people who feel comfortable with a Bright card, the better. Have them practice referring each other, filling out the contact form, etc. The more comfortable they are, the better. 

  4. Don't leave the lunch and learn until you make sure every workstation/hygiene room and front desk has a Bright Card and the people that work in those spaces feel comfortable using them. 


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