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Thanks for playing! 

Post a pic of your completed activity sheet on Instagram, tag @BrightReferral, and get the chance to win your first month of Bright Referral free! 

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Get ready to grow your business in 3 simple steps. 

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Referring doctors love it because they:

  • Give their patients all the information they’re looking for

  • Look cool and innovative

  • Improve patient care

Potential patients love it because:

  • They get all of the information they need to make an informed decision

  • It’s easy to take control of their healthcare

Users love it because they:

  • Streamline the referral process

  • Use data to increase referrals and better train referring doctors 

  • Build their business while saving time and money

Bright Referral is a bright idea for everyone. 

Priced to make it easy to say "yes!"

starting at


What's included?

  • Unlimited referrals

  • Custom Bright Card experience for your patients

  • 24/7 data

  • Data analysis to support practice
    growth and learnings


plus the cost of Bright Cards

Reviews are in! 


I’ve seen a 30% increase in referrals since starting!  


Our referring offices love this. We have already seen a significant increase in referrals from those who were only referring a couple a year!. 


We are learning so much every day.


This is genius. 


OMG. This is so much easier. 


Why can’t every office use this?!

Referral Sources

This is so easy. 

Wow. I’m impressed. 


I can’t believe we’ve been using paper this whole time. This is so much better.

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