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*NEW* Feature Alert: Referred patients can email you!

One thing we are great at is listening to our users, and this new feature came straight from YOU.

Right now referred patients can do so many things: (click here to learn more about this)

  • Share their contact info with you

  • Call you

  • Text you

  • Schedule an appointment with you

  • Check out your website and socials

  • Find your locations, etc.

And now they can do one more - email you! All you need to do is include an email address in the custom button field in your My Practice page. So easy!

Here is a video tutorial on how to do this:

And as always, if you don't want potential patients to email you, just don't include an email address and it won't show up for the patient.s no problem!

Here is what it will look like for patients:

At Bright Referral we are making feature updates and improvements every day. Do you have an idea? Please share it!

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